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Lots Of Flooring

At The Carpet Warehouse we have a large selection of all kinds of different flooring. Hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, commercial vinyl, residential carpet and commercial carpet. Come in and have a look! You won’t be disappointed! 


Carpet definitely gives your home that “cozy” feeling. Carpets are made from many different fibers including nylon or polyester! Ask us which carpet best suits your needs!


Sheet vinyl has been a favorite for kitchens and bathrooms for decades. Over the years,  it has really come a long way in quality and visual appeal!

Vinyl flooring now boasts all kinds of different colors and patterns! 


Hardwood has always been a classy favorite in homes. Its timeless characteristics makes it a strong contender for a flooring in your home! From ash, to maple, to acacia, we’ve got a lot to show you!